Transform photos

Transform photos

Photoshop is perfect for adding extra detail to images, says Kev Speck. Whether you’re importing unwanted doodles or last year’s holiday snaps, with the right elements you can easily create great, dramatic illustrations

Whether you go abroad or just look out of your back window, there’s inspiration to be found everywhere – and no better way of capturing it than with a photograph. Cameras have always enabled us to snap such moments, but not always the unique atmosphere that goes with them. In this tutorial, we’ll be reworking an ordinary image so it does just that, adding depth and composition to make it look much more exciting and dramatic.

Most creatives swear by their digital camera as way of capturing images to work with later on. The photograph you’ll work with for this tutorial was taken in New York, and is simply a shot of a road with moving vehicles. Not very interesting, admittedly, but with the confidence to work into and around the image, you can create something quite stunning, and develop the skills you need to rework some of your own digital images.

This tutorial uses relatively simple tools. You’ll keep your work in duotone and rarely move beyond cutting and pasting, but sometimes that’s more than enough. Building with layers you have already made away from the computer is an effective way of creating interesting, detailed images. So get scribbling, painting, photocopying, screening and scanning, so you have plenty of resources to throw into your image.

In this tutorial’s resource files, you’ll find the original photo used in this illustration, along with a few others which you can use to practice what you’ve learned. You’ll also find a range of textures and scribbles for adding depth and style to your work.

Click here to download support files

Click here to download the tutorial for free

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