So I open the photo on Photoshop and the first step is to select the background, create a new layer and paint it yellow.

Now I am going to duplicate the background layer and on the top one I will apply Image > Adjustment > Threshold in this case I applied a level 60 and the result you get should be like this.

Now with the Magic Wand Tool select the black part of the layer and paint it dark purple, invert the selection and delete the white part of the layer, and set the layer mode to Hue.

On the background layer go to Image > Adjustment > Hue/Saturation ( Hue: 186 | Saturation: 71 | Lightness: -38) you result should be like this:

Now we got to a point that I wanted with the colors so I will go to Layers > Flatten Image that way the 3 layers will merge into only one image. To make the image look brighter I will go to Image > Adjustments > Shadow/Highlights (Shadow: 50% | Highlight: 0%)

Now we are done with the photo lets start working with the typo to fill out the blank spaces and give some style to the posters.

Using the font cow.cow (size 36) with the color yellow I wrote “Sexy colors look sexy together”.

Now with the same font but this time in red I will write abduzeedo and place it at the top, I select the yellow background and apply a layer mask to the abduzeedo text layer to give a better contrast between the photo and the typo.

To pass a better message trough the image I select the Custom Shape Tool and get one of the talk bubbles that already comes with Photoshop and create a decent size talk bubble using the color red.

Inside the bubble I wrote; “Inspiration for your mind” in white using the font Can Can de Bois. I selected both layers and rotated a little bit to the side so everything won’t look so square.

To make it look even better and give and awesome contrast I hold ctrl and click on the text layer then I press ctrl+shift+i to invert the selection, I go to the bubble layer and ad a layer mask that way the text area will be a hole on the bubble. For a better contrast I reduce the text layer Opacity to 60%.

I got to a point that where I really like what I’ve done but I still need to give a last touch to it so I will use a brush to give a little style to the image.

I create a new layer and using the brush set from angryblue I start playing around adding some yellow paint in the area where I got the yellow typo.

And the final touch using the same brush set I add a little paint spots using the color red around the typo abudzeedo on the top keeping the same background contrast using the same layer mask as the typo.

Here is the final result:

Tut by abd

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